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Differentiation from the competition and an image boost for the brand – there is a lot to be said for using environmentally friendly packaging. And apparently, most consumers are not deterred by the slightly higher price of some of the more ecological alternatives. We have discovered strong arguments for combining environmental protection and image enhancement for you on the website.


Over 80 percent of consumers are prepared to pay more for sustainable packaging. This is the result of a recent survey on the subject of sustainable product packaging.

Sustainable packaging has become an important factor in the paper and packaging industry, and appreciation is high. However, consumers want to be better informed. Global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners surveyed consumers on the topic of Sustainable Product Packaging in March 2021. Nearly three-quarters of participants say they value sustainable packaging. The results also show that 83 percent are willing to pay more for it, on average even a surcharge of 6.5 percent.

For consumers, packaging is sustainable above all if it is biodegradable and made of recycled or recyclable materials. When asked about the most sustainable packaging materials, paper/cardboard (70 percent) and glass (62 percent) stand out the most. Beverage cartons, plastic and cans, on the other hand, only occupy the lower places.

Sustainable packaging: Consumers want more information

It is also clear that customers are showing increased interest in packaging: Only eleven percent feel sufficiently well informed regarding the sustainability of packaging.

“The results show that for many consumers, sustainability is primarily associated with topics that can be clearly assigned, such as recyclability. The lack of information means that further background information cannot be classified. This information deficit should be urgently addressed by the industry to make the sustainability of further materials clear and prevent misinformation.”

Dr. Daniel Bornemann, partner and expert for paper & packaging at Simon-Kucher & Partners

Sustainability is the focus

The study also reveals that there is little difference in opinion between female and male study participants on this topic: For example, 79 percent of female participants attach importance to sustainable packaging, while the figure for men is 67 percent. This is also the case across all age and education levels.

“The topic of sustainability has arrived at the centre of society, and demand is high, also with regard to product packaging. The industry urgently needs to overhaul its’ image of the end consumer and meet customer demands with more information and greater variety. The necessary willingness to pay is there, companies should successfully seize this opportunity for themselves.”

Stephanie Sparber, Director bei Simon-Kucher & Partners

The representative end consumer study Sustainable Product Packaging was conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners in March 2021 as an online survey. 1001 consumers in Germany were asked about their attitudes towards and willingness to pay for sustainable packaging.


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